Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This will be a group author blog if anybody running a cult movie blog is curious and/or interested. Still in the early stages of just getting launched. If you have a cult movie blog and would like to be a contributor the email is:


Basically you would be given author permissions and could contribute directly, without things going through me as a pesky editor. You can just run links to posts you have written, add something new or start a project for other contributors to join in with.  There could be group efforts, but I am slack at running things. I would certainly be open to tall of that. I will admin the site and I am easy going but would have some rules that would be laid out later in invitation messages. 

I will design a banner you can post on your sidebar (or you can make your own) and the only real requirement would be to run the banner. No rules around how often you have to contribute or anything like that. I will also set up some little tricks I know to get a little traffic to the site, like building a site  map and setting up an SEO script that may not even work, but it is supposed to. (Actually I jsut noticed that the new Blogger dashboard has an area to add metatags, so no need for that script hack anymore, as well as the return of enclosure brackets. Life is good.)

There are a lot of cool cult movie blogs out there and I follow them from my Google reader and my Blogger blogroll gadget. I sort of would like them brought together under one little roof if possible. And what a cult movie is can be debated all night I guess, but The Creeping Terror is and Terms of Endearment (which is the better movie) is not. Hannah and Her Sisters is, and Titanic is not. So, I hope that settles it once and for all.

And actually. I guess you would not even need to have a blog.  Maybe you want to write about flicks but don't have the energy (and it takes energy me buckos) to run a blog. That is cool too but I don't know how I wold find you unless you reached me first.So please do if you want.

Will send out some invitations soon with a more focused set of guidelines or hopes. If you are interested and think you have a blog that fits in let me know here or at my email. No porno stuff okay. Just gotta make that clear. Not saying a boob shot or butt shot is porn, and I think we all know what i am talking about.Family oriented freaky stuff only. Thanks. 

Well, lets see how it goes.

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