Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trick or Treat---"No wimps, no false metal!"

My name is Juliet. I live in Texas. I stay up late. I watch a lot of weird movies.

 I'll tell you about the film I saw last night at a midnight movie called "Trick or Treat"(1986) not to be confused with the excellent Halloween film Trick 'R Treat (2007).

This film was made as a big "fuck you" to all the metal haters of the mid 1980s. I was in 5th grade at the time and I remember the panic surrounding "playing your records backwards" to hear satanic messages.  Satan was a real bad-ass and he was gonna get your soul if you didn't watch out. And that fucker really dug Metal.
Ozzy Osbourne was seen as a threat to all youth.  I remember urban legends about him eating bats and evil shit like that being told on the playground. He and Gene Simmons made minor guest appearances in this film to support the "nail 'em" vibe going on to all the wack christian moms crusading for censorship and fucking with people getting their metal groove on!

So this DJ (Simmons) gives an outcast teenage metalhead, Eddie, the final record of his metal hero Sammi Carr, who has recently died in a terrible fire. Sammi worshipped satan, so he is able to come back as an electrical powered ghost/zombie and he is really pissed off.

A bunch of jocks and a-holes at school taunt Eddie and he is able to summon Sammi to enact a "plan" to nail all the jerks. Of course love screws everything up, when Eddie fall in love with one of the preppy girls, who is attracted to the dark side (betrays her friends to become a rocker).

When Sammi starts really killing and maiming, Eddie freaks out and realizes Sammi will go after his true love.

One of the best lines of the film is when Eddie chickens out on the plan and Sammi says (as record is played backward) "No wimps! No false metal!!"

So the point of the movie is turned totally upside down and metal IS the enemy and Eddie and his nerd friend must stop Sammi at the big Halloween dance.

The movie goes a little Carrie from here.

There is a really cool rubber demon monster that appears in the film and Sammi's performance at the dance ROCKS!

The musical sequences were done by the band Fastway.

Tony Fields (Former Solid Gold dancer, appeared in Thriller and Captain Eo) plays dead rocker Sammi Curr. Gene Simmons was originally offered the role, but passed. Fields does a pretty good job as the crispy-faced rocker.

There is a hilarious moment where Eddie's girlfriend tries to flush the metal ghost down the toilet!! Pure cheeseball. But what were you expecting?

Doug "gay dude from Melrose Place" Savant plays Tim who gets zapped by ghost/zombie rocker Sammi Curr

Mark "Skippy from Family Ties" Price is metalhead Eddie
Ozzy, Fields, Simmons

Trick or Treat (1986, USA)
Trick or Treat poster 1986

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